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BEDGUARDtm Mattress Protectors


Frequently Asked Qusestions:

Q.   Why is BEDGUARDtm made with a zipper closure and not like a fitted sheet?

A.   Fitted sheet style protectors do not offer true protection from bedbugs or dust mites as they have been proven to crawl out from the sides and underneath.

Q.   Is the BEDGUARDtm waterproof?

A.   Yes, BEDGUARDtm is made from a silky stretch knit fabric with an impermeable membrane coating that is 100% waterproof. 

Q.   Don’t mattresses need to breathe?

 A.   Yes. Similar to the human skin, the unique membrane in the BEDGUARDtm fabric permits moisture to escape allowing the mattress to breathe while still being waterproof.

Q.   Where is BEDGUARDtm made?

 A.   BEDGUARDtm is proudly made in the USA.

Q.   What type of warranty does BEDGUARDtm have?

 A.   BEDGUARDtm has a lifetime guarantee.

Q.   What sizes is BEDGUARDtm available in?

 A.   While we do have many standard sizes, we can custom make BEDGUARDtm to fit any size you need.